Monday, 17 March 2008

Whole House Air Purifiers: What You Should Be Looking For

Whole house air purifiers are stepping stones to a cleaner healthier life that makes your savor every breath you take in its presence. Extremely useful if not critical in areas where pollutant concentration in the air is high, whole house air purifiers have brought in a sea change in the expectations of the average man’s standards of living. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and features, the whole house air purifier almost puts the elitist ozone club access in the reach of the common man. But before you decided what home air purifier you need, you should understand the capabilities and specifications of these modern day technological marvels.

A significant percentage of our population suffers from breathing disorders, asthma and other allergic reactions to particulate matter in the air they breathe. If you or any other member in your household has been the victim of such trying circumstances, then the whole house air purifier could possibly be the panacea you have been looking for, the one thing that could change your dull day to your brightest day! When it comes to getting rid of undesirable particles in the ambient air, getting rid of the stuff that causes adverse reactions in people with high chemical sensitivity, the whole house air purifier is second to none. Be it the electronic air purifier with activated carbon or be it a specific HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) air purifier, using it just extended the healthy period of your lifetime!

Understand that a single air purifier will not offer you all the best-of-best air purification features. Some will specifically rid the air of particulate matter like pollen and dust upto 99.5% purity and some will specifically get rid of chemical irritants in the air and odors. Over and above this you have whole house air purifiers that use UV rays to kill microorganisms in the air and make it safer for you to breathe. Therefore the choice of the whole house air purifier is a function of the size of your house (capacity determinant of the air purifier), specific health issues you want to address (allergies to particulate matter vs. chemical sensitivity), the price of the unit and above all the environment of the house itself.

This article was aimed at giving you a brief insight into the wonderful world of whole house air purifiers. We encourage you to specifically learn more about the main types of whole house air purifiers like HEPA filters, Electronic air purifiers, filterless ionic air purifiers, UV air purifiers among the rest. That alone will put you in the best place to make an informed decision on what solution to opt for that best satisfies your needs.

Here is wishing you to breathe clean air and live a longer happier life! Three cheers to whole house air purifiers!

Article Source: - By: Max Patel

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